[08] February Desktops

Helllllllooo February!

So everyone is well back into their daily routine and the Jan holidays are long gone :frowning:
Not all is lost, we now have another desktop thread!! yay! , lol.

As i said earlier I promised to do a little more in this thread and I start off this month with attempts to patch the theme dll for vista and attempt to find some decent themes to replace aero.

I searched for some **vista theme **and found this site:

From there I got a few themes (well from deviantart links featured on that page) and decided to download

itunes theme:
and Satin 2:**

ok so i had the files so what next!?
I needed to patch!**
Then i found this link on the same site:

which explains how to patch the themedll but I had difficuilty in successfully patching the files, I know i’m a admin to my computer and have full access but for some reason it wasn’t working, I got annoyed so i tried the recommended alternative ‘VistaGlazz’


Using this app was easy peazzz. Just follow the instructions on the official link above and you should be fine, any q’s throw me a msg.

So now i’m ready to try these vista theme, all righty… With my themes in windows/resources/themes I go to my personalize menu (right click on your desktop/select personalize) then i hit window colour and appearance, then once in there i hit the link to ‘open classic appearance properities…’ which opens up the old skool appreance menu where the styles are shown!

Now here is the confusing part, each style i have added to the resources folder show in the select menu as Aero? there are 3 aero’s in the list? Do i have to guess which is which each time i want to select a theme? I pretty much have to select and apply to see which one it is, this is silly and if anyone knows why this is please tell me. ok so i selected the themes from blind picking and apply and i have to say im not impressed, itunes theme is decent at least but nothing special… i guess now i can look for some more impressive or well known skinners who have created styles, but for now the VistaGlazz has done the job for me in patching and it was not too much of a headache to work out. Below i have attached two of the themes i had downloaded (as mention below) so you guys can check it out.

Again throughout the month i will be looking for better styles and some newer widgets to jazz up my dtop, hope the info above can help the people with vista and if any questions ask away!!!

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Make sure you can provide links to the visual style/wallpaper and any other listed items so in order for people to be able to get the item if they like it.

The whole purpose of this thread is to provide a place where if you are looking for a new wallpaper or a new style for windows (or even mac/osx) you can come in here and check out other members setups, then if you like a item from their screenshot you can download the item if the link is provided or you can request it from that person.

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-The Max dimensions of the desktop pic inside the thread is [/SIZE] [SIZE=6][COLOR=red]640[SIZE=4]px[/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=1] wide.
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In order to use a .msstyle file (visual style / VS) you may need to get a 3rd party application called StyleXP. This application allows you to apply visual styles very easily without patching your system files but it does cost a few dollars.

Without StyleXP to use non microsoft visual styles in windows you would need to ‘alter’ (patch) one of your system files. Fortunately a patcher has been developed so it can be done for you without you going into the system files and adjusting anything.
Neowin UXTheme Multi-Patcher.**

I suggest though if you use this method, before you apply the patch to make a backup of** ‘Themeui.dll’** found in your windows/system32 folder just to be on the safe side. Just copy it elsewhere other than the system32 folder and rename the extention to something like themeui.bak, so windows does not do anything strange.

In the case you find a .wb file, that is a theme for a application called windowblinds. This is somewhat like Stylexp in terms of an application that handles themes but allows for more extensive skinning features, the newer versions of the application allows for transparency and other neat user interface features like changing folder copy/move animations but it does unfortunetly take a little of your system resources.

… more F.A.Q will be added through the month.

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[SIZE=1][COLOR=red]** Vs:**[/COLOR] itunes Vista
[COLOR=red]Wall :[/COLOR] It’s zs kool leather wall
[/SIZE][SIZE=1][COLOR=Red]**Comments:[COLOR=Black] Itunes theme for vista, it’s ‘ok’ but not something i would keep over aero

Vs:**[/COLOR] Satin2
[COLOR=red]Wall :[/COLOR] It’s zs kool leather wall
[/SIZE][SIZE=1][COLOR=Red]Comments:[COLOR=Black] Satin2 theme, this look so much better in the devianatart preview, it’s pratical use is crap to be honest, again not something i would keep over aero.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE]