3 Weeks In April

Does anyone know how to achieve the effect used at http://www.3weeksinapril.com

I think it is very interesting and I can’t figure out how it is done. I am guessing it uses a window location javascript combined with an actionscript in an .swf movie.

It’s not that important that I figure it out, I just found it interesting and figured I would ask the geniuses at kirupaforum if they knew how it as done and to maybe help me out :slight_smile:

I know it was done in Flash MX (it says Flash MX plugin required).

EDIT: Just so you don’t miss the effect, click enter then let the main window open PLUS the two mini pop up windows (they need to be opened, the big window you can close after the little ones load).

masking+javascript :slight_smile:

the other option is a program we all know and love. Flash!

those windows that pop up don’t necessarily have to be real windows. you could make them draggable masks in flash and just make them look like real windows. I believe in this case (no i didnt look at the source) that they are javascript because they still stay open when you close the main window underneath them. Although that’s possible with flash as well. She may have done it in Flash since she suggests that you have the Flash plugin before entering the site.

It’s kinda neat, but it’s too artsy in my opinion to be understood or functional by 90% of your users. So if it’s a fun project for a personal site or you just want to learn … go for it. thats cool … but i wouldn’t recommend using that on anything professional.

hmm … maybe i’m too harsh … .i dunno. its kinda neat though

anyway. its definately “do-able” in Flash.

hope this helps

I am guessing they use javascript functions to determine the position of the window, and then used that to help determine the _x and _y positions of the picture inside.

I wouldn’t think of using it on anything professional, I was just interested in how its done. I think it is a great effect.

i agree. great effect :slight_smile: