3d PEOPLE ! - Motionbuilder 5 DEMO OUT NOW!

OOOhhh baby!

For the serious 3d people here (or even the intrested people, 3d or non3d) , Motionbuilder 5.1 is finally out to test drive and trust me it will make your jaw drop. :!:

I have mentioned this app before, but till now there wasent a demo out for people to test it. With the new version 5.1 release, Kaydara have released a 30 day demo to test out this revolutionary character animation program. Used in games such as Getaway (quote below).

quote from Kaydara site
“MOTIONBUILDER was an indispensable tool for the animators working on ‘The Getaway’, and saved us significant time and money. Using MOTIONBUILDER, we were able to create with ten animators what would normally take us one hundred animators to produce. MOTIONBUILDER is second to none, and a god-send to the way we work.”
Gavin Moore

What so great about this app is the fact that is so easy to to animate a character and in real time… yes i said REAL TIME! lighting , full textured models can be animated in real time with no lag and so you see exactly how the end result will be. There is so much more, too much to mention…

Check out the link below and see what my crazy talk is about
Kaydara Motionbuilder 5

Make sure you check out the “sneak peak” section of the site to see some awesome animation videos , with things like Facial expressions, bump mapping vids, real time texturing and more…

If you do download the app… (Why wouldnt you:h: )… i mean WHEN you download the app, make sure you check out the video tutorials provided on the site, which were produced by the team at 3d buzz. They are a great way to watch and learn the great stuff this program can do.

Also there are some nice example characters all ready to animate in the kaydara installed directory ( right now, i m animating the ninja model…:!: really cool) …

You still here?? get downloading !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

…soulty :smirk: