Absolute rank beginner needs HELP!

I hope all the brains out there will descend to my level for a moment…

When loading a new scene, how do you transition smoothly back to a beginning point before loading? My transitions are choppy and broken up. I know I need more Actionscript knowledge, maybe that’s where the secret lies. Can anyone help me out?

I am trying to understand your question. How about you show me a sample, so I (or someone else) can take a look and suggest some fixes. Okee?


This is the site I’m working on right now. When you click on the buttons, the scenes do not transition back and forth smoothly; for example, if you click on portfolio before you click on biography, the back ground is wrong. How do you get your movie back to a pivot point on action?

I think it might have something to do with the background image you are using. First remove that and see if it runs a little smoother.

Increase the framerate…

avoid alpha tweening at all costs. Number 1! slow down of frame rate comes from changing alpha levels, or moving things behind alpha objects.