Access / trigger Javascript from within an FLA / SWF?

Hello all-

I was wondering- since ActionScript is pretty much JavaScript… is there a way to open an external “JS” file and pass values to it?

The company I am attempting to do this for is using as a partner to count their Advertising-impressions and they usually do this by including some Javascript-code in their website that opens and displays an advertising and at the same time counts it for statistics.

basically, there are a few page-specific values that are filled and then passed to an external file on the ValueClick server… I was wondering if any of you might have had to deal with something like that before or know how it would best be done… thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The way it’s done in Javascript is this:

// ValueParameters (among others)
ValueLoaded = false;
ValueVersion = "1.2";
ValueBannerType = "std";
var ValueWidths_Heights = new Array("120x600");
ValueNoText = 1;
ValueBannerSizeOrder =  "listed";
if (ValueLoaded) ValueShowAd();
// (the "ValueShowAd()" is in the "jsmaster" file on valueclick)
<A HREF=";msizes=120x600;bso=listed"
TARGET="_top"><IMG BORDER="0" WIDTH="120" HEIGHT="600" ALT=""

I guess I could also just try to “load” the random image from the noscript-area at the bottom (and link it with the link from the noscript-area, as well) but I don’t know if that is sufficient… I’d like to keep my options open :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time!