Another one for the Preloader problem collection

right away, are you using AS to play your sound, or did you just drag it onto the stage?

I dragged it to stage
are you using IE?


Why the question about the sound? you liked the song uh? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, i hate the song…but i was just wondering what method you were using to play your sound, using the attachSound method will delay your preloader…

hmm… nice to know.
I thought you wanted to descompile the swf and get the sound file :stuck_out_tongue:
anyways thanks :}

the link is not work for me…i just wanna take look ur fla coz I kind of facing same problem with u …maybe something wrong with my sound coz i using attached sound…at the 3rd frame…

just move your sound file from the library to stage and on the 3rd frame type stop();
I’ll upload the file tommorrow again and leave it there for a couple of days, i deleted it because i have limited space on the ftp im using. :wink:

tq for ur reply…dude…

p/s: curious about how u control the object sound by dragging the stage i mean how do u pause,stop and play the sound…? :sen:

i’ll look 4 ur fla anyway…

There is nothing strange on my file it was just a test file to test my preloader and just added a music file on stage to make my file big and see if the preloader worked I never meant to controlled a music file on the stage i’ve allways used AS to stop play pause… here is the fla anyways.

It’ seem’s i just figure out myself…anyway thanks for the ur fla mate…

No prob :wink: