Anyone Understand this scrollbar component?

Can anyone get this component to work for them? If you can, tell me how:) I think it will become very useful to many people if someone can crack it. Seems really easy. It’s a simple scrollbar component. It’s attached in .zip. Thanks!!!

-Dean :disco:

OK, listen up monkey-boy, here it goes.
After you install the extension with Macromedia Exchange, and I’m assuming you’ve installed extension before which is really easy, it shows up in your components window (zMinimalTextButton).
This component is actually no more than a simple arrow button, which you can bind to a textField by changing it’s paramaters. You can also change it’s color, direction and stuff.
I’ve attached a zip file containing a very basic example.

Good luck!


wow cool! Thanks man/woman! One question, how did you get your text box like that? It’s like there is a mask at the bottom. How did you do this because this is my only problem…THANKS!

OK to but it in more simple terms, how did you get the tiny box(the one to make the text box bigger) in the bottom right corner of your text box to become black instead of white?

Oh and there is another component that goes with the arrows which is a simple text slider, it worked with your example but not with mine! :slight_smile: Thanks a bundle