ASP Login

I have a login that works fine, after the database recives the correct username and password i have it jump to a frame that says welcome. What i would like to know how to do is on that welcome frame have a dynamic text box named welcomeText and have it populated by the database from that client.

In my database i have three columns one is for the username one is passowrd and one is welcome text.

i cant figure out the last part of the asp script to say something like if user name and passord correct then display welcome text for that client. here is the code i am working with


Dim myconnection__strUserID
myconnection__strUserID = "x"
if(Request.Form("UserID") <> "") then myconnection__strUserID = Request.Form("UserID")

Dim myconnection__strPassword
myconnection__strPassword = "1"
if(Request.Form("Password") <> "") then myconnection__strPassword = Request.Form("Password")

%> <%
set myconnection = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
myconnection.ActiveConnection ="dsn=aspirelogin;"
myconnection.Source = "SELECT *  FROM Login  WHERE UserID = '" + Replace(myconnection__strUserID, "'", "''") + "' AND Password = '" + Replace(myconnection__strPassword, "'", "''") + "'"
myconnection.CursorType = 0
myconnection.CursorLocation = 2
myconnection.LockType = 3
myconnection_numRows = 0
<% If myconnection__strUserID <> "x" Then
If Not myconnection.EOF Then
Response.Write "login=ok"
Response.Write "login=failed"
End If
End If