Button menu

hope somebody can help me. i’ve just started using mx and i have an image of the uk. what i am trying to do is split the image into buttons for each of the counties. when you click on a county a menu would appear with links to various urls.
is this possible ?

many thanks

Well, yes, why not?

can you expand on that at all. a little bit more information would be good. i’ve had a search of the tutorials, but can’t seem to find anything.

Well, you could put your image on the first layer, then create a new layer where you draw around the counties using the pencil tool, then fill each “box” with the paint bucket. Now you can make your buttons, just copy each “box” on the hit stage for a button!..

That’s great, got that bit working; but how do i get the menu with the url’s to pop up when the counties are clicked ?

hmm… perhaps this could help:

Hey jerry,
it’s nice and quick tutorial C:-)

it’s useful for me too

Thanks a lot everyone, it’s exactly how i want it, i just need to get my head around how it works. if you don’t mind jerry, i’ll be breaking it apart and playing with it for a while to see if things click into place. i should have stayed with fireworks, but no!!; i had to venture into flash.

FLASH RULES! :slight_smile:

…and offcause I don’t mind, I’m just glad I could help!

cheers :cowboy: