Calandar and control panal

I want to make a flash desktop, but I want to know if it’s possible to make a button that will open the calander and the control panal.
The idea is that I don’t use the taskbar clock and double click it to open the calander, or have to go to the START menu and click on the control panal icon.
Is it possible to link to these two things using a flash button?


I am pretty sure you can’t.

But you never know.

Umm… I don’t think it would be really possible…

Albeit… Try this out… This might work…

For the control panel… Look at it’s current directory… And you know you search http://www fields… Just put the C:\ in like it’s a link. See if it’ll open it up in a new window then…

As for the actual calandar… I think you’ll have to create your own and juts throw it on there… I don’t know the actual location of it but it might be done the same way as the C: thingie typer… hehe


Hey Playa, I was thinking that too, but I wasn’t sure if the location of the control panel was different in the different window OS versions.

Oh crap that’s true…

Is there a way you can test for the current windows version… And if it’s different then use a different link for each one then?

The power of MX.

Try this playamarz


I think this is possible, I have seen calandar functions in flash and if you need a stand alone, flash can do it!

You can do it with the calendar component, but you have to buy that from Macromedia I believe.

Thanks for the responses everyone.
I’m using XP pro. I’ll give it a try linking to the control panal.
As for the calander, I reckon making my own will have to suffice.
The other option of course is not having those options!=)