Callback Arguments Problem


Okay. I have two loops, which attachs a bunch of MCs to another MC on the stage. On each of the MCs that get attached, I want to have an onRelease callback, where it should pass j, i, and rnd. Code:

 for (i=0; i<boardH; i++) {
  for (j=0; j<boardW; j++) {
   rnd = Math.floor(Math.random() * tileNum) + 1;
   board*[j] = rnd;
   name = "t" + i + "_" + j;
   map.attachMovie("tiles", name, i+j*100);
   map[name]._x = j * tileW + (spacing * j);
   map[name]._y = i * tileH + (spacing * i);
   map[name].onRelease = checkPos;

The problem… how can I pass three arguments (j, i, and rnd) to the callback onRelease?

I tried the following callback:

map[name].onRelease = function() {checkPos(j, i, rnd);};

However, this passes the last number that j, i, and rnd was… It doesn’t pass the j, i, and rnd for that specific MC…

I hope I made myself clear.

I fixed it!
Heres the code I changed/added:

   map[name].i = i;
   map[name].j = j;
   map[name].rnd = rnd;
   map[name].onRelease = function(){checkPos(this.j, this.i, this.rnd);};

Thank you,