Circumvent paywalls.

Read yesterday that all you need to do to circumvent an internet paywall is to repeatably hit escape button preventing any blocking script to load. Seems to be working…

Unclear why big newspapers and other sites worldwide use such an insecure paywalls technology? This feels very yesterday.

Reminds me when i was in middle school there was a kid who always knew those tricks for paid adult sites. He would pull up like 10 computer lab pcs and run away haha

If commercials are you main income, I guess a soft tailored security would do it since a paywall might decrease visitornumbers by as much as 50%. That would mean newspapers main income would be commercials even if they have paywalls for certain content. That seems unfair for those who do pay to view certain material though?

I suppose pornsites doesn’t settle with a one hand combination nowadays? You have to use a two hand combination?

This sounds like a good setup for a crude joke.


Pure math.
By reducing tension in a system, you increase maximum output. I think it is called Lagrange multipliers?

Crude joke or not, by allowing a sneaky access to the site, or paying 5 dollars liberating both hands. A certain percentage would pay for the liberated access.

I assume soft access to paid content is a deliberate strategy? What do you think?

I’m not sure why I find this topic so interesting? I’ve been thinking on it, on and of for days.

The assumption that newspapers deliberately put in soft paywalls - would mean that there is an easy and clear way to model the positive outcome of such soft restrictions. The Lagrangen Multipliers are popular in economics and for what I’ve read even used by mafia to model optimum sums for bribery. i.e. how you would relax a system optimal by introducing another variable. I did try to find material how such a model would have been set up, but so far I haven’t found anything. Even tutorials on Lagrange Multipliers are hopelessly mirky.

I did find one example of a different kind of paywall that seems very interesting. Instead of paying access to content, you would buy access to comments and a community. So all articles and content is open, but you have to pay to read and take part in any discussion of any content. In this case, I assume there would be nothing to gain with soft restrictions? Instead, soft gain to content would probably upset members.