Closing 'splash page'?

i have made a ‘splash page’ with a logo on it, and then when you click the logo it open one of those chromless windows, with my site in it.

if i edit the link to open the chromeless window to make it close the splash page (with javascript:window.close(); ), then a window pops up saying that the page is trying to close, do you want to let it. yes/no.

is there any way of not having that confirmation block thing?

or another way of going about closing the splash page?

Answer: no!
What you call the “splash” page is in fact the main browser window, the parent of your chromeless popup, so any time you try to close this parent/main window, you’ll get this security alert.
What you could do is reduce it’s size and put focus on the popup above it, so it disappears behind the chromeless.