Collision and lock movies together?

I am trying to get two movies to lock together when they collide. Does anyone have any suggestions on this? I will list my details below.

I am trying to simulate the bonding of antigens and antibodies. To do this I have two movieclips named antigen and antibody respectively. These are duplicated as the user clicks on one of two buttons with the following:

on (release) {
duplicateMovieClip ("_root.antibody", “antibody”+i, i++);

Both of the objects float around on the stage as they are duplicated. Antibodies are little Y-shaped objects. The two tips of the Y will each attach to an antigen. I placed a little invisible button on each of the two tips.

Now here is my problem! I am trying to say when this button collides with one of the incremented antigens it will set the x-position of this button to some x-position on the movie it collided with.

if (this.hitTest(_root[“antigen” +i])){
this._x = _root.[“antigen”+i]._x
this._y = _root.[“antigen”+i]._y

Can someone tell me if I am even heading in the right direction? I definitely appreciate any help available.

Yeah, I guess you should run a hitTest for each antigen in the place. But the problem is you won’t be able to have that many movie clips running around like that because your computer won’t take it.
Also, I’m guessing that once they have assembled, antibodies can no longer attach, so you’ll have to add a value to the antigen, something like onClipEvent (load) { bond = false ;} and when the collision happens, you put it to true.

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