Content Management?

Hi all,

I have flash MX, and am not too good at coding, and was wondering if you could help me.

The attachment shows a graphic mock-up of what I’m trying to achieve. I’ve anonymized some things…


In window 1 I want a list of keywords that I can add to inside an external file. So it’ll be a word/ excel etc file with a list of words that I can update/ link from etc etc

In Window 2 I’ll essentially have a long page of information - text and pics, maybe links to files etc. Clicking the buttons at the top (3) will take you to the top of that page, and clicking the keywords (1) will take you to that specific bit on the long page in window (2) - ok so far??

Essentially - I want the information for the keywords (1) and the main body information (2) to be held in separate files. So in order to update the website all I have to do is update a word/ txt/ excel file etc.

Can anyone give me pointers on this??? It’d be a real help if you could.