Cursor from hell =help=

The hand cursor is all over my white graphic…not a button.\r\rI have my swf at\rIf you click on GRAPHICS, the the button there does\rthis:\r\ron (release) {\r gm1.gotoAndPlay(2);\r}\r\r//gm1 is the mc instance that plays that white graphic rolling out. \rI am at the “my hair is falling out stage”.\r\r-thanks i hope i didn’t leave out any clues\rps…the link is on my pc and is not up 24/7

I am new to programming and have found a new love/hate.\rThe problem is solved by this code for a button on the last\rframe of my tweened graphic.\r\rstop();\rthis.onRollOut = function() {\r};\r\rIs there a name for lost bits of junk code? Oh well…problem solved.