Dashes with PRCE (PHP)

Hi! I’m trying to use PRCE (preg_split) to split up a date string and make it a date object and all. I was originally using this as the search pattern on my local machine:
<[/|:|\p{Pd}| ]>
However, I tried to bring it online, and it did not work. Specifically, the \p{Pd} that signifies a dash, which is very important, as MySQL returns a date with dashes to separate.

With further research, I found that those PRCE functions or whatever were added in v4.4.0, and I have v4.3.0. This is not my server we’re talking about, so we can’t update it.

Is there any other way to use a dash with PRCE than the \p thing?

Thanks for the help.

EDIT: Pretend the :expressionless: is really a : and a | right next to each other ;).