Datagrid editing - color, wordwrap etc


I have been working with the dategrid for a couple of days now. I have noticed that editing a component (datagrid) in MX 2004 Pro is a bit different then it was in MX. In MX you would use the setStyleProperty() command to edit allot of the components skins. Now in MX 2004 pro you use the setStyle() command to edit component skins. I have found a nice list from macromedia and ultrashock of setStyle() commands and there variables like; “Color”, “headerColor”, “themeColor” etc…

The lists are incomplete at lest in comparison to this datagrids ability. Check it:

This one has nice commands like
myGrid.setStyleProperty( “headerWordWrap”, true);
myGrid.getColumnAt(1).setStyleProperty( “showHeaderSeparator”, false );

I have tried all of these commands both with setStyleProperty() and
setStyle() and none of them work. Does someone have a complete list of setStyle commands that work with flash MX 2004 pro components?