Depth with actionscript

Well, I got really tired of messing with it and bugging you guys, so I did it the easy way :(. I had the balls in a MC so it was barMC containing the ballMC. So, I just simply deleted the inside of the bar (my background is the same as the inside of the bar so it doesnt matter). If anyone else was wondering this, I hope I explained it pretty good…

Well, I was taking THIS TUTORIAL I read all about it, but I found no way to make it tell it a depth while executing the commands.

I have made a bar, and a MC, once loaded, the MC duplicates itself at a random number at or below 75. I have already made the balls appear inside the bar, but they are underneath it and only some of them appear above the bar :(.

Does anyone know a tutorial that tell you how to determine depth in actionscript? or is there an easier way?

Pre-Thank you,