Dhtml Tutorial

I am learning to use Flash and came across Swift 3D (via lynda Learning tool) in my quest and your site. Great site!! I am curious about the example in your dhtml tutorial…the little man with the suitcase running across the screen. How was he “made?” I have often wondered how one gets the legs to move like that.

I would be absolutely thrilled if I could accomplish that animation. Appreciate your comments.


that movement was made by (i’m fairly certain) a mix of tweening and frame by frame animation

I wondered about that. I am the “ultimate” newbie!!! In the frame by frame, did they take a portion of the graphic and then add the back leg in one frame and then a forward leg in the next? I apologize for the “ignorance” of the question. I am trying to visualize how the acutal graphic is sequenced. I have had no training whatsoever and am having to find out things as I can from anyone.

Sure appreciate your response! Thanks.