Do You Like Snooker?

hi guys

The Masters championship 2004 has started last sunday in London …

There many skillfull players in the masters like Ronnie O’Sullivan, Ken Doherty, Steven Mathew, Mark williams ( world champoin 2003 )

so guys, any of you play snooker? and who is your favorite player ?

my best wishes


I love pool. I love it when they air the tournaments.

ESPN 2 shows them almost every day…


YEah… I love 9 and 8 Ball Rev…

I just wish I could find some Snooker games locally though… It’s a fun filled game… :smiley:

my fav bar (which closed this summer) had a 3.5x7 table, which I owned… it was like playing golf, with dips, valleys, ruts, hills, etc.

it was actually difficult hitting a straight, soft shot…

you had to know how to ‘play’ the table…

I miss that bar


Gotta love those tables rev… They add some spie to the average games…

Yeah… The bar I go to around here has 3 really sweet tables for playing… But noone can shoot worth a **** in 9-ball.

I used to love seeing an opponent’s ball rolling softly towards the pocket, then take a sharp left before hitting the tit…




hey skidpanda

the three players u picked are the top three in the world

but u know what, i like Ronnie the most coz he plays so fast


r u too short ?? oops what a pit (-:
yeah i agree, the snooker tabel is large enough

I have this awesome game called Cue Club (from RealGames), and I play Snooker all the time.

But other than that, I suck at real life billiards! I don’t hide it :slight_smile:

My First cousin lives in UK (birmingham) and is ranked 17 in champions league…Avtaar sohanpal (search that on google…u will get some results), he is ranked 150 something in the world at the moment.Hard working chap, anyway i also play snooker, pretty good at it too (guess it runs in the family) highest break of 64 and avg breaks are 20+, i also have a table backhome :slight_smile:

my fav players are all time greats steve davis & that left handed guy…cant recall the name sorry…but i am sure u know who i am talking about…guy wid curly hair i think:-s sorry for the confusion guys.

I have a snooker game for windows 98…can send it to guys here if interested…mail me.


anyone plays those games? has anyone seen the london masters final??? it really swept me off my feets, watching paul hunter win that match…

im impressed how accurate they play the balls…

there was a thread about that recently :slight_smile:

i like watching the trick-shot championships they show on ESPN…those guys are amazing.


Merged the threads. Merging a thread is like re-uniting a stray sheep with the rest of the herd :slight_smile:

oh sorry for that, i was a bit disappointed by that “which girl do you like” thread :crazy: :wink: