Dual MC problem

i;m making a gallery for a friend, and i have one movie clip that loads a 600x520 background into (randomly). below that, i have a 600x80 movie clip in which a picture strip is loaded (scripted mask photo gallery consisiting of 8 thumbnails). now i have multiple picture strips, so that’s why i went with a movie clip loader. but for each of the thumbnails i have a tweened alpha animation of text appearing above the buttons. so whnever you pass over one of the 8 thumbnails, a description appears above it. unfortunately, i did the descriptions before i realized that i needed to include more than 8 pictures. since the overall gallery is 600x600, i ma having layering problems: i can either have the background MC on top, but the descriptions won’t be viewable. or i can have the picture strip MC on top, but then i have a plain background. is there anywhere to salvage this?

i would post up an example of what i’m talking about, but i don’t know anywhere to freely host a 2mb .rar archive.