Easing menu buttons not working

Hi, I used the code from Scotty’s easing buttons menu to make a menu in an mc which is revealed when a button on the main timeline is clicked. I’m using the fading grid concept as a transition to load a new swf… And I would like the buttons from the easing menu to trigger the fading grid and load the new swf. That is not happening. I’ve tried all kinds of permutations and combinations… Basically, my question is: if i add the onRelease equation to the fading grid code, how do i access the button which is inside this mc. i tried the _root.mc_name.buttonmc_name route, but may be it doesn’t work because that button is created by an array? (i’m obviously AS-challenged!). Can you help me with this? Thanks.

MovieClip.prototype.easeIn = function(tar) {
this.onEnterFrame = function() {
this._xscale = tar-(tar-this._xscale)/1.1;
this._yscale = this._xscale;
if (Math.abs(tar-this._xscale)<1) {
this._xscale = this._yscale=tar;
delete this.onEnterFrame;
title_array = new Array();
title_array = [“firstfirmname.com”, “scotty.com”, “aex.nl”, “secondfirm.com”, “flashmaniacs.biz”, “kirupa.com”];
for (i=0; i<6; i++) {
but = this[“bt”+i];
but.i = i;
but.bt_info.text = title_array*;
but.onRollOver = function() {
but.onRollOut = function() {
but.onRelease = function() {
//function to set the buttons
function setButtons(k) {
for (j=0; j<6; j++) {
//for the buttons that aren’t released
if (j != k) {
this[“bt”+j].enabled = 1;
//for the one that is released
} else {
this[“bt”+j].enabled = 0;