<embed src=> Problems?

I used the embed src command to add a music player to my forums, so people can listen to some music…but the problem is, not all of them get the “player” in the post, only a couple of people, including me, do…

Any clue ?

small reference to what i mean: http://www.kirupaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=46515

Here is a site that explains the embed tag http://www.netstrider.com/tutorials/HTMLRef/commands/embed.html It still all depends on the users players settings. I would suggest building a flash music player because you will have more controll over the display.

flash player would take time, can someone explain why some people are able to view the player and some dont ?

It is because your emdeb tag is just a suggestion to their browser. Each person can have diffent settigns that allow or don’t allow the file to run. Each player i.e. Media Player, Winamp, Real Player also have settings where they can decide to show up or not regardless of the embed tag.

The embed tag is one of those old tags that are really phasing out especially because of security concerns.

http://www.mp3machine.com/software/tunage/ here is a free flash mp3 player

Yeah but is there a way to play 1 song per page ? like i dont want the player to include all the songs…

Maybe it would be better if i tell u what im doing…

We are getting some songs, + lyrics, and posting them on my forums (IPB)…so on each post there will be 1 song, and i would like to give the viewers the option to listen to these songs (hence why the embed tag) while reading the lyrics… i dont want a player where they can choose all the songs from 1 post =( !

I didn’t really check out the player too well but I bet you could put each song in a seperate folder thereby only having 1 song in the playlist.