Empty cell in table

Okay this is really kind of a random place to post a question like this but since this forum kicks butt over all other forums I’ve found I’ll give it a shot. :smiley:

I am building a project log in coldfusion using dreamweaver (database is sql server). User can add a project to the main table via a form. When the user hits the submit button they are taken to a form where they can see what they have submitted. There is another form where the user can list all the projects in the db. Okay, so in the form to add a project there are a few cells that do not require some kind of input - you can leave it blank. But then when you go to the form that lists all the projects there are these big holes. The page is formatted as a table with a border value of 1. But if there is no data for that cell then it doesn’t draw the border so there are these big gaps everywhere.

So long explanation to my short question - how do I get the border to draw around the cell even if there is no data in it?

Thanks for any help!