Estrogen/soymilk-I don't want to turn into a woman

Ok so I’ve started to think about a vegetarian diet. Not completely Vegan, but I don’t like cow milk so I started to buy soymilk. I add that to my oatmeal in the morning. I also love tofu meals which is made from soy right? I also just had a soy protein shake. After reading the nutrition facts it seems like soy is some sort of miracle food for vegetarians. Only I just realized that its also a good source for estrogens. So I did some more reading about estrogen and although men produce a small amount of it, I am afraid of having too much estrogen from all the soy I eat. I am going to see a doctor but I read a bunch of mixed articles just now. Estrogen is what causes women to grow breasts and helps with pregancy. One encyclopedia article I read said that the cause in men is unknown. Some things online I found said that estrogen for men may cause sexual disfunction. I became even more confused when I found another site that said it may help sexually activity for men. It also may help bloodflow and reduce the risk cancer. Yet again I found another site that claims estrogen may increase the risk of cancer. I hope you’re thinking WTF because I am. Anyone know what estrogen really does to a man?