External movie loading problem

i`m building a website with several external movies loading into specific pages.
all the externale movies load really good, but i have a problem with one.
this external movie has a scrollPane with thumbnail images and they load above it. to load the full images i entered the code:
on (release){
loadMovieNum (“the name of the full image movie”, 1);
it works great.
but on the website page when i want to move to another page the full image stays on, while the external movie of the scrollPane does go away.
what can i do? i will load that external movie if you need it.
sorry but it tells me that the file size is too large, maybe because its full of pics.

hope i can ask another short question:
when i preview the site it is located in the left side of the browser and with white background color.
i opend the html file and added <center> and </center> in the right places and changed the background color.then i save the file.
i preview it again and it works, but when i try to previw again all the changes i made are not there, the html file returned to its previous state.
what to do?