Famouse physic consultant


this is my idea for an doctor of physics.
his projects are well known over the world

all contents are dynamic sitesize ony 48 kb

comments are very welcome!

gotoAndPlay (website)

looks really nice and clean to me. the only thing i can think of now is to make the header text and glove a little more crisp. oh wait, one 2 more things: your bg pattern for the html and flash don’t line up correctly if the window’s not maximized. you could try to get around it by setting a transparent bg in flash. make the language selector a little more obvious on the splash (and the english isn’t actually english?).

good work.

I really like it. That is really cool. I agree with bwh2, since you use a tvlines kinda thing as a bacground, it makes hard to read the header. I suggest using bright color… in this case prolly white whould be suitable. And the font that u use for the consultant and enter now, is also hard to read and I think it doesnt match with your great site.

work on it abit… then you’re pretty much set up.

nice work eisbaer

thanks very much for replies