First completed flash game

Hi all.

Wanted to thank everyone here who helped me through this past month and a half. I really got lots of answers and help from here so I thought I would post my first completed flash game I created at the tojam.

[Final version]

Any criticism/comment would be appreciated though I doubt I will make an update on this one: I spent nearly one month updating this ‘group’ project by myself… haha.

I am thinking about starting a new project that may be accessible from wii so I will definitely make improvements you suggest here on that one.

The game was first created at [Tojam3 ( event and you can check the result of those 2 days here: [URL=“”]Version 1]

I wouldn’t say the final product is awesome but compared to the initial game after the 2 days–and last year’s tojam project-- I think it shines…haha


Either the loading screen is broken or the game is huge. Either way you should have a percentage bar and give user feedback about the progress. I quit after waiting for a minute.

You will need to restart the loading page to play!! The game is pretty new and unique, i like it!! Though i would really like some sounds prom the people, after all its a station!!

I noticed that too. I imagine it’s quite different loading on the web server than from the machine.

Anyway, you can try refresh and see. I will probably add a loader but I don’t think it will solve the problem… I have a feeling that it goes a bit deeper than that so I will take a look.

And yes…people told me about using noise of crowd… the thing is… we asked for a bgm and a floater made one for us; I felt a little bad to just abandon the music… haha.

[Update - 20080609 5 am]
I added modified loading check routine and simple percentage display following some of above posts’ suggestions.

What I am learning from this experience is that

  1. not TOO many people like elevator music… haha
  2. sound effects and graphic effects really draw attention
  3. blood and gore and sex… sells.
  4. difficult yet simple games rocks.

I think Crowd Control had interesting concept but the concept itself wasn’t polish to the point of simplicity… sigh.

After some consideration, I think some quick update is in need. Probably using mouse control instead of keyboard mix… and may be some changes in thought bubbles (thanks therobot), some sfx bluemagica mentinoed… but definitely the control needs to be fixed.

Somehow I guess this baby WILL get version 3.0 update… heh. (currently in 2.8)

Thanks everyone.

its nuts, can’t read anything, can’t make sense

I assume there is something wrong with the file

though it does appaer to have potential

i dont know if it was just my computer but all the characters showed up but the graphics in the background got all messed up and i only got like a third of the picture fromn the top and the rest was black so0 i cant really say anything other than it glitched on my computer

I realize I am asking a lot but could anyone post the pictures when this happens?

I am starting to think dynamic loading, at least the way I am doing it, is not working out 100%…though I have never seen this situation… local or server.

well this time around the main screen showed up but still nothing past that still cant see anything and the main menu buttons dont work i tried to put a picture on here but it just gives me errors since the best picture program ive got on this computer is paint(i know its sad) and it wont take word files but i still cant get into it.

Thanks for trying; I finally saw what everyone else was talking about.

It seems one section of code I added to fix infinite loading on Sirisian (sp?)'s TextureManager script was the culprit.

In local setting/testing… the TextureManager went on infinite loop so I made a retry after few attemps… This, for whatever reason, let server hosted game pass through even though all the images were not fully loaded… sigh.

Anyway, I have made version 3.0 update as well: the game now has full mouse control and slightly better difficulty settings, as well as a bit more user guidence.

Only thing missing is random obstacle/blocks but… I am starting to run low on my passion to continue this project. Anyone else had simlar issues with their games?

Let me know if you still see loading issues. Please use the ‘final’ link in my first post and perhaps you can refresh the cache. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all and enjoy~

yes ive had the same problem losing passion in the middle of a project due to error after error has happened to me before. im in the game now and can move the people around the tutorial button still doesnt work for me and as a result i havent a clue what to do.

Haha… I am beginning to understand the value of sitting down with a tester. :stuck_out_tongue:

The game starts at Finch and Bay. Finch is a tutorial station where there are hints that pop up… basically tells you what to do.

There are few events that trigger the hint to move forward (or time runs out game continues)… they are

  1. click on a user
  2. move the user to the center of the train (where red image is)
  3. bump him/her against another briefly
  4. bump him/her longer.

Perhaps these conditions are not well fleshed out… and having created it, I probably should have designed for total newbies.

Anyway, the game is very simple… fill as many people as you can and get as much point to pass the level. Once the train leaves, some people will wonder (?) whether to get off. You will have to move the people with (!) off to platform otherwise they will get upset for missing their stop. :stuck_out_tongue:

well i got into the game but there was no obstacles not red spot just a train and a few people that i could almost get on top of each other but they bumped off nice job on the hit test by the way but there was no hints the tutorial button wouldnt work and im still lost.

[quote=cooldude88;2343925]well i got into the game but there was no obstacles not red spot just a train and a few people that i could almost get on top of each other but they bumped off nice job on the hit test by the way but there was no hints the tutorial button wouldnt work and im still lost.

Hmm… are you hitting Version 3.0 ?

If it’s not too much trouble, delete the cache of your browser as I find that sometimes affect what you see.

After the initial screen, there is a yellow Tutorial button on the right (second from the top) that will ‘sorta’ guide you through:

Obstacle… I asked my partner to implement that but haha… I don’t think it will ever happen. As of now, I think this game is no longer a group project. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think for hobbist… group projects are very difficult as people lose interest midway…etc.

ah sweet deal sorry it took me so long to reply the game is working fine now nice idea also what does your hittest code look like im impressed it works incredibly.:party:

Our version 1.0 was very tricky because I was forgetting essential concept for hit-test: hit-test before moving the object.

We kept trying to ‘manage’ the mess we made after objects were moved and it wasn’t pretty (in terms graphic zitters and other management issues).

It’s still not perfect but it’s close enough.

Basically we have a class that each sprites belongs to. Each sprite have a designated ‘centre’ that will differ since graphics differ from each other. Then I also gave distinct radius for each object ( area of influence ).

Then all you need to do is calculate the distance between any two objects. If the distance is less than the sum of two objects influences, then hit test is true. Of course, the centre position had to be calculated based on where it was on the stage + actual centre points of the sprite I assigned.

So whenever an object is moved, it will actually check against all the other objects and see if I am not stepping on anyone. If I am, depending on the relationship matrix, the lesser kind person will move away. :stuck_out_tongue: For that, we needed the angle… and that nearly killed the project as arctan function in AS3 gives you 0 degrees to 180, then 180 to 0 (not 180 to 360).

Anyway, enough with my rambling; I attached my ‘’ It’s obviously closely tied with our game but I think you can take few pieces and use it for your own project. It’s really just simple calculations.

wow very nice i never had the patience to create a custom hitTest very nice though i like how its all put together:party:

hmm… link isn’t working properly with me :S


You can also try this:

They got tons of other top notch games…though not all of them flash. haha.

Seriously, while games made in XNA and other tools look awesome, I am beginning to really appreciate the distribution capability of flash. :smiley: