Five legged dog has two legs removed


RALEIGH, North Carolina (AP) – A five-legged dog discovered near a state park has undergone successful surgery to remove two of her legs.

During a 21/2-hour operation Monday morning, a veterinary surgeon removed the dog’s back two left legs, which resulted from an extremely rare genetic anomaly.

The Maltese-and-terrier mix named Popcorn created quite a stir in the local dog-lover community when she was found near Umstead State Park, northwest of Raleigh. Experts said it was unheard of for such an animal to live long past birth.

Popcorn is believed to be between 9 months and a year old.

The extra leg was removed because it was hampering the dog’s movement. A more fully developed leg also was removed because it was rotated at a 90-degree angle, rendering it useless as well.

Popcorn required seven stitches and will have a 4-inch scar on her hip. She’s been adopted by Liz Bell, the woman who found her.

Dr. Frank Ansede, who runs the Raleigh animal hospital where Popcorn is being treated, received more than $3,000 in donations from more than 50 donors living as far away as Wisconsin, Louisiana and Florida.