Flash MX or Flash 5?

Which should I use for making movies?

Black and white TV or color?

Black and white. Heh

look for Flash 3 on Ebay :wink:

duh, what kinda freaks are you, obviosly you havent seen the power of flash 1.(I travelled in time from year 1996 ):eye:

h come on, are you joking. i mean look for flash 1 in a joke shop.

Slightly off the point but you might want to consider your target audience when publishing


96% of people have F5 plugin but only 77% have F6 plugin

While all the drawing improvements in MX are F5 player compatible a lot of the AS isn’t. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use MX, it just means you should consider how you implement your AS - e.g. if you want a simple repetitive loop then

<i>onClipEvent (enterFrame) {function() } </i>will work just as fine as<i> setInterval(function())</i>