Genius, pure genius

Just found this out about the company I work for.

We have a support contract with another company who provide support for all the PC’s and the network. This also covers installations. So if we buy some new software they install it for a fee. Yesterday I discovered why my request for Firefox on the network has been delayed. It has to be shown to be worth the money. I say “What money, Firefox is a free browser”…thats when it clicks

this support company gets a fee to install any software, even FREE software. Thats right they’ll be paid to install Firefox for my company

there is no way out this (short of cancelling the whole contract), our IT dept’s hand are tied about this sort of thing and I can’t install anything to my machine because I’m not an administrator but I just thought whoever negotiated that contract with my company is a genius, bravo…being paid for installing free software…amazing :thumb: