God i'm stumped

it’s officially called Flash Bloc, and i officially have it.

i open flash, think, think, think…and nothing!

i can’t stand it. i’m fresh out of ideas.

all i want is to make a footer.

but absolutely nothing…

i can’t stand it!!!



I usually get inspiration from listening to Techno Music.

eh, i’ve been doing that.
but i think the music’s burned out for me.
thanks anyway


Well thor, I am sure you may checked out some cool Flash sites to get you some ideas. One that I found really cool recently is: http://www.iamalwayshungry.com/

Well, hope you get some ideas :slight_smile:

Kirupa :asian:

It is cool to draw from the inspiration of others. You may want to check out

The Web Design Wow Book. Some solid work in there… plenty of different ideas that may just get your imagination going!

I like sitting in the art section at the bookstore and just flipping through a wide variety books… it’s an endless source of ideas and inspiration!

yeah, maybe i’ll consider that (the art thing).

Well I think what shoudl guide your work is yoru goal. Do you ahev a goal? The look at teh information you have at hadn and how you want to display it, after that you can move on and place teh elemts on a page perhaps sketch them on paper and BAM, there you go…you are in business…