Good Size Homesite?

Hey Guys i was planning on making a homesite for myself and i was wondering… what should the size be? should i make it like 3 different movies? or one movie with other movies linking into it??


  • Matt

… anyone? i see people with lots of homesites -.-

Hm, I’m guessing you mean you want to make a personal website, like mine,

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Give some more details and some more people will want to help you out. I really don’t understand what you mean so I don’t think a whole lot of other people do either. Three movies? What? Three Flash movies? I tried that and it loads so poorly my friend thought IE crashed… then the page popped up. Try it! Its a great IE-crash-illusion!

alright well im going to make a homepage :stuck_out_tongue: and i was just going to make it kind of like a self portfolio, im going to add music, graphics etc. and i was just looking for a good size :puzzled:

i dont know if i should use the default but i was just wanting to know what all of you guys use.

-Matt :wink: