GR8 site, but how'd they do the menu { blackpulp }

GR8 site, but how’d they do the menu { blackpulp } is the site in question. If you click on the portfolio link, a menu appears.

I’ve seen this done tons of times, and my guess is that they don’t use old-style animation for this. This looks like something actionscript-generated. I am looking for something similar and would be happy to work through examples and tutorials.

Additionally, any idea how to get those “scripted looking” popup windows, ie you would click on a button “about us” and this window would open up, but it appears to have some form of elastic property which eventually snaps into position. (i’m not talking about a separate ie window opening up).

Any help on these and I’d be a most happy camper.

thanks a bunch…


he’s a member here, and that was the thread about that. hope that helps you