Thoriphes,\r This is so phun. I emulated what you did in your movie by recreating it. Since I am not a man of action (yet) I had to paste and copy your script. But it didn’t werk right until I reread your post about the FPS. And it works! Looks just like yours. Mind you this just shows I have a fundemental understanding of how flash works and am good enough to recreate a masters scripts as long as I have the scripts. (I know, not saying much) But I am learning.\r\r Q: What are some good tutorials I can learn these basic principles; And remember, give me ones that won’t frustrate the hell out of me, something even a flashhopper can understand.\r\r Q; Can people that aren’t good @ math learn this just the same or is that a prereq?\r\rpj\r:cool:

Peolpe yes, you No :slight_smile:
(but just coz you’re too tired by the time i’m posting this…)
If you manage to get a look at one of those “Masters of Flash” or whatever they’re called books (still and always by friends of ED), you’ll see page-long scripts, terrifying!!

you don’t necessarily need to be good in math in order to do this stuff. you just need to be able to think logically. i first approached emulating gravity by bouncing a ball. you’d be surprised what i did…
i converted the dimensions in flash all to the metric system (centimeters) just to use 9.8m/s^2, that didn’t work too well.
now this was all just to bounce the @#%$ ball. the problem with flash is that math isn’t everything. for example, with my script, you don’t see 9.8m/s^2 or 4.somthing ft/sec anywhere in my script. this is how i came to that script:
i knew that with gravity, a falling object doesn’t fall the same distance down per second. the distance they fall per second increases by a certain degree. when i got that code to work, i went on to working on the bouncing script. i knew that when a ball bounced, depending on it’s “bounciness” (forget the term), it’ll only bounce back up, but not all the way up from where it was dropped. also, gravity has a negative effect going up as well, the increments the ball rises decreases because of gravity. so the distance the ball bounces up decreases everytime.

finally, i added potential energy to the picture. if you don’t know what that is, this is the one line of script that uses it:
vx = (x-oldx)*10; (for only the x).

potential energy well…is like how hard you throw a ball. the harder you throw it, the more potential energy it has, thus it goes farther. look up the word “potential” and you’ll understand this a little better. anyway, study the script and try and understand what i just said, and it’ll all come to you, regardless on your ability in math.

Are you good at physics, Phil, if you’re not good at maths ? Cause there’s a whole bunch of physics equations behind that “intuitive” approach Thoriphe gave you. I’m not sure you wanna hear it.


Senior Lamasse, Thoriphes (is that a name of an Asian God) :smiley:

I will study that script and learn all I can from it. It’s all kind of intimidating. I always kind of thought the word potential had something to do with a female type human units looks and never realized it had other meanings, but I am confident now it does. But I’ll tear it apart and play with it, I already changed numbers to see what would happen. Kind of cool. And read these posts till I gain new insights.

And as phar as the PHysics thing, Mr. Lamasse, well, I thought it had the same meaning as potential. I suck at PHysics. I suck at Math. And until I learn more, I suck a phlash. At least when I see other peoples werk. I pheel great until, well, I do that click thang, like Donnas site. I didn’t even put my site in her e-mail, doing kirupa a phavor so as not to scare her away. But I slowly getting better.


Everything you ever wanted to know about gravitation in Flash but were afraid to ask 0]
OK, the background was supposed to be grey, so that we actually see the WHITE animation. Toobad, I guess.

Thanks Ilyas,
Believe it or not, that helped a little. I know I will not grasp large concepts all at once, but everything here has helped from studying and reproducing Thoriphes movie from his script to your little personal tute, which, although I couldn’t see the animation was still very instructional. Howbeit, it did need a back button so I could read and reread but it was good and Kirupa should give you extra credit or something.


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This thread is exsactly why this board is #1 in my book !

you guys rock !