Havok 3d

Does havok work with director mx?

I went to http://havok.com and I have never used a program like this. I’ve used swift3D for basic vector graphics, but in text only.(frame by frame is what I have used.)

I would say no.

Your best bet is to save in that program and try to import it into flash. There is a game-guru in this forum. Electrongeek knows who it is. This is the person you should ask.


yes!, i believe it will work,it worked for 8.5 fine, and it basically uses the same lingo and Xtra plugins for MX. ill try it tomorrow for you though,

in the meantime check this site out,


Havok works in Director MX !! confirmed and tested, u gotta love that rag doll demo!


:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

yeah, the ragdoll is cool:cool: . but i cant wait to start making my own:crazy:

kool , post some progression so we can check it out :slight_smile:

Thank goodness it was a guess

my bad…sorry