50" HDTV: 2100.00
Suround Sound: 400.00
DVD player: 180.00
XBox: 300.00 < - look Xbox is spelled correclty
Digital Coaxle: 12.00 < - did I spell c0-Axle right ? :slight_smile:

Aw of Digital Picture: Pricless

I think you mean “awe”.

lol, i didn’t see that. You also want surround; not suround.

And isn’t it “priceless” ? :smiley:

pom 0]

please stop…any more education and my mind is going to condone into complete abys! lol



abyss…and i don’t think you used condone in the correct context.

Not Jubba,
Abyss and the word “I” should have been captolized.


thanks fil. i realize that, but i think that in the majority of posts i don’t capatilze the word “i” due to some subconscious inferiority complex that my therapist says that i have.

It doesn’t seem so subconscience to me.


well it was subconscious until my therapist brought it up. she’s a bish.

Well, then, does it not then become a Conscience Inferiority Complex by meaning? I mean, if words have meaning and all…I mean if your conscience about it now, it’s no longer subconcious right?


Fil, i noticed that you said abyss should have been capatilized. Why? He did not say “The Abyss” in which case would be refering to He!l. Instead he said “into complete abys” which i feel could just be in reference to a never ending hole, or a nothingness, so therefore does not need to be capitalized, but could have been.

Even if i know i have a subconscious inferiority complex, if it comes out and displays itself and i type “i” instead of “I”, I do so without thinking. I don’t say, “Hmmmm…I have a subconscious inferiority complex, I have to type ‘i’ instead of ‘I.’” :slight_smile:

Although… just for the record… The Abyss, doesnt’ refer to hell at all.

(PS - this thread is too funny)
(PPS - yeah I know I put the ’ after the t in doesn’t)

well, my grandfather, has refered to hell as “The Abyss” maybe its an older form of termonology, or maybe my grandfather is senile…

what does “The Abyss” refer to Uppy?

Abyss was the first word in the sentence and should have been capitalized.


oh i understand now…lol…sometimes i really think i am on my computer too much. true it should have been capitalized; under normal circumstances. However, being that I am Not Jubba, i can make my own rules.

I am still laughing

if you guys (gurls) feel the need to check my spelling(spell’n) “F7” all ya (you) want :slight_smile:

Coaxle was spelled correctly, you also got “of” right, so well done there. However, “gurl” should have been girl

lol. That sounds like a “phat” system though, i wish i had one half that good. I have a 19 inch TV from 1992, my PS2, and 5 small stereo speakers, but thats the best system on campus here…