Help: Keeping Score: Ball > Hoop

Although I’m a natural insomniac - I am actually tired. I’ve got a couple of things to finish off for a client, then I’m gonna hit the sack.

Change the last hit test to this, else the ball just keeps bouncing on y. I’m sure there are better ways - I’ll check when I’m less tired

if ((this.hitTest(_root.rimtop._x, _root.rimtop._y, true))) {
this._y = this._y-10;
this._x = this._x-10;
speedy *= -bounce;

Might use getBounds() to check the heights of the rims - if you want it more accurate - then you can apply the same effect the ball has when it hits the ground and walls.

I’m off to get some sleep. Maybe someone can work on it till I get a chance to have another look at it.