Help me mess up a trolls hair

I’m doing a site for a firm who has a lucky troll’s head as their logo. I thought It would be nice to enable the user to ‘style’ the hair of the troll al la click and drag.

I produced the troll design in flash so it’s all vectored up. What i really need is an AS method of allowing the user to manipulate the zig-zag vector lines that make up the hair with the mouse.

I’ve seen lines drawn between points dynamically using AS so I guess it must be possible to move these points around.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be very greatful.


Can we see what the troll looks like?

Yeah. I’d like to see the troll. I probably can’t help, I just want to know what kind of company would have a troll as their logo…

I’m posting this from work so I don’t have the pic with me, but the troll is one of those ‘lucky trolls’ that you have as a keyring or on the end of your pencil. You know the kind; ugly face and an oversized plume of brightly coloured hair in a kind of pointy quiff/beehive.

The company’s called Ten Ton Troll and they are a music business consultancy firm based in California. I guss over there trolls must be synonimous with quality music management.

Ten Tons, eh? I guess the bigger the troll, the better the service. God I hate those trolls. Glad I’m not working on one right now…

they are rather smug, but I’ve only just started the site so I’m quite at the spitting at the screen just yet!

Bump!! :wink:

You want to be able to pull the hair 1 by one?

It’d probably help if I post the Troll.

okay… this is really just a rough file to show you the idea… hope it helps anyways :slight_smile:

Wow! That is absolutley perfect! Thank you so much Ahmed for your time and expert help.

I shall explore the code right away! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

haha glad you like it :wink: