Help with animated help 'palette' and it's on(releases) not working!

I have a simple help tab that animates out as you rollover it.

I have tried many ways, but cannot get both the on rollover/rollout working and it’s buttons working.

If I use on(rollover) for sub tab object, then when I “rollover” the sub buttons it thinks I have rolled out of the tab and the whole thing animates back to small.

If I use on and off variables for the entire tab the buttons stop responding.

Please look at my sample. If you debug, you can see the ‘bookmark’ variable being set when you hit the static button. But not when you hit buttons on the animated tab which have the same exact code as the static button.

I am pulling my hair out.


Im taking a look.


I don’t see where the value of bookmars is supposed to get updated.

I place a dynamic field on the main timeline and I called it’s variable bookmark.

Also, you’re using _global incorrectly. I think what you meant to use what _root
that will tell actionscript to start looking for the object at the main timeline, where everything starts.

Finally, the tween for your tab is all off. Take a closer look and you’ll see that your buttons are simply not present during that entire sequence. I would rebuild the tab interface, to avoid confusion.

I hope this helps.