Help with Flashtyper

ok, i made a file with flash typer, and now i dont have a clue as to how i can add it to my webpage (flash movie)

i went through the tutorial at, but its just more confusing…
if there is a tutorial here, or if anyone knows how to incorporate it into a flash movie that is already made, please help…



what is the tutorial that you made the “Flashtyper” from. I’ll have to look at that before I can tell exactly what you’re talking about.

I can say that it is possible to include any swf in a web page or in another swf movie.

To include it in a web page is easy. When you’re in Flash with the movie open, open your publish settings (menu options “File/Publish settings”). Make sure that html and Flash are both checked.

When you hit publish, it will produce an swf and an html doc.

You must upload the swf to your server. You may upload the html and use it as a web page on it’s own, or you can open the html doc in a text editor, then copy the code between the object tags. This code can be pasted into the html of whatever page you’ve designed.

Other than that, you just need to make sure that the swf is located in the same folder online as the html you are displaying it from (unless you know how to change the address to reflect that it is in another folder).

The tutorial was at…i guess its the main tutorial that they have there for flashtyper, they say that I need to use actionscripts to add it to my flash movie that i have already created, but their tutorial isnt clear to newbs of actionscripts…so thats why i was confused…this is the link here…ndex.shtml


ok… well that’s an interesting thing. I see why you might be having trouble. The FlashTyper uses generator to create it’s effects… which alas, I have little experience with.

My suggestion to you is to go through the tutorial on loading the movie externaly, again. Certainly if you have a question on that tutorial specificaly, we have plenty of help to offer. I’ve done lots of external loading of files.

The Flashtyper itself… I cannot access unless I’m a member of I’m going to look into that tomarrow to see if it costs any money and I’ll get back to you if I find out anything additional.

As an alternative… I know that those Flashkit people are pretty busy most days… but you might try writing them an email, or the author of the tutorial an email asking for more information about the tut.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help… I’ll see if I can discover anything else though.