How do I make a custom movie playback screen (that works)?

[color=red]:hangover: This has bothered me for a while now …[/color]

[color=royalblue]I have to incorporate an FLV into a main flash movie (for a website). [/color]

[color=royalblue]When a button is pressed, the FLV (inside a standard media playback component) appears within the main website/swf. I managed to customize it so that its style won’t conflict with the website, and all is well …[/color]

[color=royalblue]… until you try to use the thumb under the movie. Dragging it works fine, but it lets you scroll off the entire screen. It’s a rotten bug that won’t be squished. [/color]

[color=royalblue]Also … how the heck can I get it to stop insisting that the movie streams? I want to remove the “streaming” word from the movie. Period. No luck figuring it out tho.[/color]

[color=#4169e1]If anyone can help, it would make my day!! :dog: [/color]