How to make blue text with red stroke?

Want to make blue text with red stroke.
Is there a way to do it with out having to write the text twice putting the blue one in front of the red one.

I did it in illustrator but it did not stand out as good as I wanted in flash, a black background should show it good???

Easy question

I have flsh mx


easiest way is just to type the text and break the text into objects and paint a line around it, but you can notice it does take away the text size alittle. So the best way would to be is break the text into a object (ctrl + b twice) and copy that to the clipboard, then select all go to modify -> shape, expand fill, do it with your preference, color it red, then do ‘paste in place’ with the orginal and it should appear what you want and group all

Beautiful, thanks for the tip,
It worked perfectly