I got bored

so i made this movie:

Excellent choice of music :slight_smile:

Makes me wanna make a little story myself…

Hey!! New contest!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Make a story in flash! :slight_smile:

Best/most amusing story wins :slight_smile:


who’s bernardo?

and if you guys didn’t notice, it’s a spoof off of the apple switch commercials on tv. this specific one was a spoof of that chick, ellen feiss, who was believed to be under the influence during the take of this commercial.

that game is NUts! Insanquarium baby! played for like 2hours without realizing it

LMAO!!! You have no … LMAO Idea how funny that is lol!

OMG Thats Great lol!

Where did you find the Song from! I want to make one! lol

Im inspired i have a good one too lol

LMAO appauds Thor thats great!

here’s the song:
glad you appreciated it :slight_smile:

COOl sound and I like these whoosh and sweeesh and that kinda stuff at the end :slight_smile: lol