I need feedback on this site!

please visit this site and tell me what you think


Well happy face, it looks a bit like a wake up call, but don’t mind me I’m just not to fond about that much red, thoose little smileys you had for the mousetracker need to have the same background as the background. One thing to consider when you have a bright and sharp color is that it tends to tire your visitors eyes so all text need to be clea.

keep it up

I would prefer to save all the smiley faces that follow the mouse to be saved as a .gif so that you can make the background transparent because it looks very beginner when seeing that grey background! I didn’t really search the site but I noticed no Flash content, Flash is the web God everyone must have at least some Flash :slight_smile:

Those alert windows have to go. No one wants to click through a bunch of popups and viewers will leave because of it.

I know there are lots of cool effects that you can do with javascript and html, but the best sites are ones with good content, not lots of effects.

Good luck with it. I hope I wasn’t too critical. :slight_smile:

I agree with what everyone else said plus one more suggestion. Maybe you could keep a similar color scheme throughout your site. That way it will look uniform and more organized. Keep it up!

The pop-up windows really do become annoying. I don’t mind if it displays like the very first time you visit the site, but the pop-up windows repeating each time the page is accessed is just kinda annoying.

This is one of those sites…just because you can do certain things doesn’t necessarily mean you need to do it for the sake of doing it.
The effort is definitely acknowledged on this site but ptobably unnecessary. (IMHO)

good luck