I think I found Krilnon's secret double identity!


Adding an “r” to your first name is a nice touch :sunny:


He’s going to be so mad when he finds out he’s Tyler durden


Ha, I saw this person trending on Twitter a few weeks back. There’s also a Canadian professor or something with my exact name.


Name doppelgangers…

Im pretty sure I may have mentioned this a few years ago, but there was a guy with my same real name who was #1 on a Google search back when I was releasing my first mobile game under that same name.

Number 2 is still good right?.. Well no, because he was listed as registered sex offender. He also was from my general area and close in age.

I was actually applying to jobs at the time as well and didn’t use Facebook or anything, I have no online presence…so it really sucked.

Sometime years before that i guess he got caught steeling at home Depot and pulled a needle out to fight the police or something… I assume it’s the same guy, it was on the news, I got a few calls about that one.


It can be tough sometimes to try and match people up with online presences. When interviewing, for example, when I go to the extra lengths (which isn’t that often) to try to find potential hires online (often on github), it can be challenging. There’s the name doppelganger issue not only in real name but screen name too - if you even know what screen name to look for. Use their email? Try through their real name? But I never assume without additional proof that a match is actually that person.

While I’ve not personally had the news report problem, my best friend did (name doppelganger in some high profile news report), and that was annoying for a while there.


Name doppelgangers… This man is on Twitter and has an active account.