Ie 6 buttons

so they told me the new coloured buttons of ie6 only works for xp and not for win98 se.
is it true?:frowning:

Hey fabiopao,
There are specially colored IE 6 icons in Windows XP. IE 6 for Windows 9x/ME did include the turquoise colored desktop icons, but only in Windows XP do you see the colored buttons.

thanks, sigh!!, thanks, sigh!sigh!<img src= ALT=":">

Er, what colored buttons?

In IE6 in Windows XP, the Back, Forward, Stop, Refresh, Home, etc. buttons are colored differently than the gray/white combination of colors found in IE 6 for Windows 9x/ME/2000.

Heh, yeah…I found out, considering that I recently got XP. :stuck_out_tongue: