I'm a little confused... HELP PLEASE!


i’ve been working on this problem and can’t seem to see what is wrong can anyone please advise me as to where the problem is?

The prblem that i have is that when i click the ‘Bone Memory’ game it load up fine. I can play the game and the ‘Play Again’ button work as well.

The problem occurs when i use the ‘Main Menu’ button. It goes to the main screen, which is fine, but the ‘duplicate’ cards that were created for the game appear on this main screen when they shouldn’t. This in turn causes problems with playing the game when the ‘Bone Memory’ button is selected for the second time. The cards are all in the wrong places.

I am attching the file with the code. The main screen and game were created seperatly and i have tried to combine the in the file attched.

If anyone can help i would be very gratefull. Thanks in advance for even looking.