Is this possible?

Actually I know it is but I forgot how to do it. But how do I change the color of a form field in flash 5 or mx. which ever one. I know this is a extremely dumb question but I am have a rough monday. :0

Convert it to a symbol, then go into the effects panel located in the instance panel, click on the advanced tab & change your colors from there.
I hope this helps.

If I change it to a symbol I lose my variable and instance name. I am using this form together with asp and xml so I need my variables. I just want the text box to be a different color than white. :frowning: If you have another suggestion I am open to it. Thanks

What are you talking about ? Put a background (???)

pom 0]

Uncheck border/background and place a symbol behind the textfield in the color you wish.

That’s about it.


Thanks man it worked like a charm…I knew it was going to be something I over looked to do. I really appreciate it. Hey pom…I wanted to change the color of my form field backgrounds. Sorry I worded my question kinda wierd.

You’re more than welcome buddy.
sorry i was a little confused @ 1st.
I should have known better but I’m new
to the game . . .

Take care